Our Mission

About Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (DBP) 

Developmental-behavioral pediatrics is a subspecialty of pediatrics that focuses on the normal processes of change in functional domains, including motor skills, thinking, communication, social and emotional functioning and behavior regulation.  It also evaluates and manages infants, children, adolescents, and youth at risk for developmental and/or behavioral disorders, with developmental delays in one or more functional domains, or with developmental and/or behavioral disorders. 

The Maternal Child Health Bureau funds Leadership in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Training Programs to prepare fellows with not only clinical and research skills but also leadership skills.  These programs educate and mentor the next generation of leaders in developmental-behavioral pediatrics who will influence public policy and public health, train clinicians, contribute new knowledge to the burgeoning field, and consult with educators and policy makers.  The projects are committed to honoring diversity within our society and promoting inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of community life.  They train health care leaders who have the capacity to develop programs, services, and interventions within the cultural context and social environments relevant to those being served.

Philosophy:  In accordance with the philosophy of MCHB training programs, these developmental-behavioral pediatrics training programs aim to promote comprehensive, coordinated, family centered, and culturally sensitive systems of health care that serve the diverse needs of all families within their communities. 

About the DBP Web Site

This web site is a collaborative web site where Faculty and Fellows of the DBP Programs can communicate and disseminate information and resources.